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"The elderly man sat alone, day dreaming he was the masked super hero, unaware of the passing of time.  He was waiting to be heard, yet was derided by those from whom he sought help. He clutched a cane and clung to his worn Batman hoodie choice - a gift from his daughter who had been arrested and jailed the week before for drug possession, leaving no one to care for him. And unlike the Batman figure, he would be unable to cope with the myriad humiliations and injustices imposed upon him in the harsh surroundings of Gotham."

Gerontology (from the Greek γέρων, geron, "old man" and -λογία, -logia, "study of"; coined by Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov in 1903) is the study of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.


1 Place de Metz - 38000 GRENOBLE, France

UDIAGE was created in conjunction with individuals and collective initiatives in the Isère department which have always shown dynamic and innovative approaches in the field of gerontological.

In 1968, at the initiative of HUGONOT PHILIBERT and teachers the Grenoble Office of the Elderly (OGPA) was created. Later it was transformed in 1971 by the General Office of the elderly due to the expanding geographical area of intervention within the Isere department.

In 1977 the association took its current form as a result of mutual consultations conducted between the pension funds (under the leadership of Maurice BONNETDirectorCIPRAand theGeneral Council of the ISEre ( under the leadership ofDenise BELOT,General Counsel. The OGPA becomes the Isère Departmental Union Information and Gerontological Action (UDIAGE).

In March 1983, the Departmental Committee of Retired and Elderly Isère (CODERPA) was established to work with the UDIAGE. Its mission is to ensure that social information is made available to both retirees and seniors in the department. Since then, the 140 members of UDIAGE bring together associations and unions of pensioners long with gerontology professionals.

The association, centered around national and local gerontological issues, has always adapted to changes in the social environment, continuing to build relationships with all partners Isère: General Council, pension funds, mutual funds, CCAS, associations Home help, institutions, etc.

Departmental Association, the UDIAGE does not mean it is closed to the outside. It has numerous collaborations with other offices (the OSPA in the Loire, the ADAMSPASavoie or CRIAS in the Rhône). Some of our members regularly encourage us to extend our actions beyond the strict framework of the department of Isère

Thus in 1988 the UDIAGE sign an agreement with the Office of Elderly Etienne (OSPA) to collaborate on the Information Departmental gerontology (IGD) journal .

The above history explains the reasons why UDIAGE has a presence within the Group of the Senior Citizens Liaison Offices (GLOPA). On a national level, our association is a partner with the National Union of Coordinating Mechanisms and Networks of Centres Elderly (UNIORPA).

UDIAGE is an association for the benefit of all

  1. The philosophical object of our association is based on an idea:
    Participate in the improvement ...
  • Living conditions of pensioners and the elderly.
  • From the image of old age returned by our society.
  1. To this end, we pursue a central objective:
  • To respond to both emergency and preventive situations faced by elderly people and their families, as well as the needs of professionals and other actors (elected officials, academics, etc.) in gerontological social work.
  1. Two principles guide our action:
  • A partnership action of proximity.
  • The elderly and his well-being at the center of the action.
  1. Ways :
    • Collect, process and transmit gerontological information to retirees, elderly people, their families, and professionals of gerontological social work.
    • Manage and animate a document center, promote research in gerontology.
    • To constitute a meeting place for public or private organizations, various associations, and participate in gerontological reflection at the departmental and national level.

The service provided by our association to the user is free of charge.
Only one participation is requested for our repertoire of institutions for the care of the elderly.

Our action is aimed at the retired individual (or his family), as well as professionals in the gerontological sector and affiliated associations.

Our services are as follows:

  • Individual welcome in the framework of regular meetings at the headquarters of the Association or decentralized, by appointment or by simple presentation, on existing rights and services in the following areas:
  • Of the accommodation.
  • Of home support.
  • Recreation.
  • Of retirement.
  • Financial, psychological, possible.
  • Health ....

The provision of a documentary fund, to be consulted on site, preferably by appointment.

  • The Letter of UDIAGE, gerontological news bulletin published monthly.
  • The information sheets: practical fact sheets (regularly updated) on a current topic (eg PSD, home help, local taxes, etc.) for retirees and the elderly.
  • The Departmental Information gerontology (IGD): quarterly review dealing more in depth specific topics related to current events and concerns of the moment, through texts written by authors players in the gerontology sector (possibility of subscription to the journal : 4 numbers for 120 F per year).
  • The practical guide for the pensioner and his family, informing on all the existing services in the department.
  • The directory of establishments of the Isère: list of institutions of reception for old people existing on the department (price: 30 F).

External services to our participating partners, in particular:

  • Interventions with associations, institutions or professionals, on various topics directly or indirectly related to old age (examples: "good aging", the Euro, the social participation of pensioners, etc.).
  • Impulse and follow-up of projects in the context of the prevention of risks linked to aging (fight against loneliness, assistance to caregivers ...), in constant partnership with local gerontological actors.
  • Animation of a network of young jobs working in institutions for the elderly.
  • Organizing conferences or symposia in gerontology (eg the UDIAGE co-organized the first national gerontological Summit, held in Grenoble in December 1999).

The promotion of a departmental gerontological reflection:

  • By participating in the departmental working groups, in particular during the elaboration of the departmental gerontological scheme jointly adopted by the General Council of Isère and the Prefect of Isère.
  • CODERPA through participation in the work of the Isère within our departmental gerontological information mission.
  • The meetings attended by the UDIAGE at the request of institutions or departmental associations.